“NEET UG 2024 conundrum"

Paper leakages, time-lags in conducting the examination, awarding grace marks as compensation, extortions of money from the candidates for facilitating qualifying,  sting operations and so on. The case has all the ingredients of a mega scam. Unfortunately, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has been in the denial mode, ostensibly trying to protect the alleged wrong-doers. No arrests of officials, not even suspensions, have been ordered, till date. NTA’s role has been unprofessional, dubious, suspect from the beginning.NTA has a lot to learn from a professional body like the UPSC. Needless to mention. The mega- scam must be having inter-state/country-wide ramifications , involving  powerful mafia. It would be in the fitness of the things, if in these circumstances, the case is subjected to a Supreme court-monitored inquiry by the CBI. Further, as the integrity of the examination has been compromised, it may  be declared cancelled, sooner than later, and  re-conducted afresh. This is the demand of the public-at-large including the aspirants. The public feels greatly saddened by the sufferings undergone by genuine aspirants for the hard labour they put in. But, the ends of justice will have to be met. The verdict of the Supreme court, will, no doubt, have to be honoured. Stormy sessions may be ahead in the Parliament. The ruling dispensation will have much to explain.

A K Saxena ( A former civil servant)


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