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It has been 19 years
long journey full of perseverance, concerted dedication and burning desire to disseminate
“THE NEWS BEFORE IT HAPPENS”.  whispersinthecorridors.com and it's print magazine has accorded as a niche identity in the world of journalism in news dissemination, the highest echelons of power like PMO, North, South Blocks, Ministries, the top officials in state secretariats, districts and divisions and also the top corporate honchos are glued to Whispers, AICC, BJP Headquarters, Consulates and  foreign Embassies across the Globe are following our news publication on daily basis. Kudos to it's mentor
Dr. Suresh Mehrotra.



(whispersinthecorridors.com  and sureshmehrotra.com - first choice of movers and shakers)

‘Where there is a will, there is a way !”, goes an age old adage.  And I staunchly believe that it is true.  It has happened with me and hence I can say with conviction that nothing can fail you if you have commitment towards your work and do it honestly. In such a case, success is for sure even though it is delayed many a times.

After  six months I will be completing 60 years in journalism. 1961  was the year when I joined ‘Navprabhat’ daily newspaper from Ujjain where people like late P C Sethi  ,then President of the Municipality  used to come to our office with handouts. RSS stalwarts Baba Saheb Natu and Kusha Bhau Thakre used to encourage me in journalism.

Since then the journey has been too long as a Correspondent in news agencies and publications  of repute like UNI, Free Press journal, Hindustan Times and later as an Editor of Dainik Bhaskar group’s English News Paper National Mail and then as an Editor of Nai Duniya.

Being a gold medalist (in MA – History) from Vikram University, joined  the University run College as Professor of History. I continued this for 16 years till 1982 and came to Bhopal  but destiny had something else in store for me.

It was here in 2001 when there came a turning point once again and I alone set on a journey to do something of my own – create a new flavour in Journalism. And this out of box thinking lead to the emergence of whispersinthecorridors.com.  A new concept in the  country,which appeared an uphill task initially. Even the closest of my  friends were apprehensive that how can a news venture – devoid of any business house support -  survive. 

And today “Whispers” is known  across the country and in Missions abroad. Those who matter in politics, bureaucracy and corporate world, visit this site regularly. Information is power and for information I never embarrassed anyone but continued my work with full dedication without a single day break even in the worst of situations – when first my only son Sameer and then the back bone of the organisation Sanjeev passed away in quick succession.

It looked that the curtains were drawn but I left everything at the mercy of God and continued to work restlessly even when sometimes - at this age of 75 plus - my body refuses to cooperate.

Despite these setbacks, in 2008, we came out with the print edition of ‘Whispers In The Corridors’, a monthly magazine which contains all important news items of the month worth preserving for future reference.

However, the almighty has also been too kind to me and as they say, ‘God helps those, those who help themselves’, what could be more gratifying than the fact that whispersinthecorridors.com has not only become a name among ‘movers and shakers’ of the country but also created history in web journalism by bringing 100 crore visitors on its platform.

Today ‘whispers’ has become a small family having a dozen members and it has not only become a trusted name among the bureaucrats but people also wonder that how could the product sustain without any political or business house backing. It, however, remains to be seen now that how we stand the test of time in post COVID-19 situation.

Whatever little earnings we had by way of advertisements have fallen prey to the nationwide lock down and now my savings have also started drifting away to meet the expenses of the whispers’ family whose members are being paid 50 percent of their salary for the past two months. I have not taken  single paisa  to run my family  for the last two months and managing  things with the pension of my wife who retired as College professor.

But having full faith in God, I still feel ‘Yeh Raat bhi Gujar jaayegi’ because honesty, good intentions and hard work never go in vain.

At the same  time we also solicit your SUGGESTIONS & SUPPORT.


Dr. Suresh Mehrotra
I may be reached at-mehrotra.suresh@gmail.com or suresh.mehrotra@yahoo.com
Whatapp number 9525012929




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