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Is ACC working ?

Several proposals for promotions are pending before the ACC for months. It seems nobody cares. Modi promised maximum governance with minimum government. It appears only Gujrat cadre officers and to some extent IAS can get their work done in ACC quickly and others have languish in waiting for the grace of ACC babus who are soaked in red tape. It is time Modi walks the talk of maximum governance by clearing the files quickly and by pulling up the ACC babus who are sitting over the fate of others like demi gods. Is Modi aware of the red tape in his own backyard ?



Role of CVO's in CPSEs

The comments about the role of CVO's in CPSEs . I was working in a very large defence PSU ibased n Bangalore for 38 years and retired as a very senior executive. I am completely aware of the functioning of the vigilance system and I can certainly vouch that the vigilance setup is a very professional one with lot of emphasis given on ensuring a very transparent system of functioning of the company as a whole and in the different divisions, at the same time ensuring that wrong doers are penalised . May be in or two PSUs , the vigilance dept may have been caught napping but on the whole the system of CVOs under the superintendence of very eminent CVCs over the years has maintained high standards as expected of them in their roles.

K Srinivasa Rao

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