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Over a dozen MMTC officers shifted

More than one dozen officers of MMTC Limited have been transferred and posted to different places. Accordingly, Vikram Singh Meena has been appointed as GM in Delhi regional office, while Mukesh Kumar Sha was posted to SRO, Jaipur and Ravi Garg to CO. Similarly, Ganesh Thapa has been posted to DRO; Mrs Amarjit Sharma and Deepak Jaswani to CO; Sushant P Patil to CO PMD; Vernon A D'silva to RO, Mumbai; Subodh Kumar Prasad and Bidyut Biswas to RO, Vizag; Ms Payal Jain to CO; Vaibhav Aggarwal to SRO, Jaipur and Sumit was posted to CO.

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