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Kudos to PM for not having an IAS as Chairman of PESB 

Refer post of Sivaraman, another typical BABU. Does he even know how many years it takes for an army officer to become Major. Like a typical BABU rightly ticked off by PM, he thinks IAS officers are good at everything. He doesn’t even know what he is talking and so have been ignored by PM. Thanks God that a day will come when government officers will be professionals rather than people like Sivaraman (BABU) who thrived on nepotism and reducing other services. See Delhi Metro a shining example where IAS BABUs shadow also didn’t fall. Kudos to PM for bringing in chairman PESB from Private Sector.



RERA post MP

Irresponsible act from a government responsible organization that the seat remained vacant for more than 6 months. Highly shameful.

Vikas Arora


CGHS dispensaries have ill trained personnel

The CGHS dispensaries vaccinating for coronavirus have extremely ill trained personnel. Often, these personnel force people to remove their masks in order to take photographs if they feel that photographs are not clear in the Aadhar system. Such an approach can only be termed completely perverse and indeed shameful. Beneficiaries comply because they fear being turned away if they do not. Many personnel at these dispensaries also do not wear their masks properly, either. Such serious shortcomings are not going to help the coronavirus situation. Strict instructions should be issued to CGHS personnel manning these dispensaries not to expose people to the virus in this manner and to comply with Covid appropriate behaviour at all times.

Vijay Kumar

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