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It is limited no of pliable bureaucrats who use and align with politicians for petty gains . I have rarely seen an upright and competent officer being exploited or used by politicians. 

A N Prasad


Country needs Indian medical Administrative service

I agree with views expressed by Mahender Goel. India needs a Indian medical Administrative service. The tests or competitive exams be conducted by ICMR or identical parallel body manned by seasoned doctors. Format, quality and standards should be in line with UPSC. This body should also be authorized to recruit all junior level supporting staff too so the best lot joins the system. Covid crisis has proved that health is far more important after education. State can too have similar bodies on same lines. In addition to that GOI should nationalize all private hospitals and with their fat assets create more and more quality hospitals on warfooting. This is the need of the hour.

Harish Kumar


People trust you more than DoPT !

Imagine, people trust you more than DoPT. That day is not far, when they will need to consult you, since they have lost credibility.

Gen Dahiya    

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