BoB’s claim of ‘successful integration of Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank’ a myth ?

Bank of Baroda’s claim that integration of Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank with it has been  complete and the customers of erstwhile Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank can now enjoy hassle free service through all BoB’s applications notwithstanding, the customers of the erstwhile banks which have been merged with BoB are faced with a host of problems be it internet banking or downloading the app and getting registered on it. What to speak of others, even I personally faced too much trouble in log-in issue of “Baroda M Connect+”, As new app login kept failing for more then a week, the employees at Khoe-fiza branch of the Bank of Baroda in Bhopal too were non-cooperative as usual. I didn’t get any help from the branch people and they advised me to contact HO customer care. I did so and my grievance was registered with reference number MBNK2317939093 but no help came in. I again complained for the second time (reference number MBNK2324542242), but this time again the problem was not resolved. I instead got the message via a mail saying – the bank is having sms delivery issue with Airtel. Then a friend of mine advised me to try log-in at mid night or early morning and see whether the registered mobile confirmation sms is delivered or not for app logg-in. I followed his advise, tried in wee hours and could somehow succeed after running helter skelter for several days. Hope the BoB authorities will look into the matter and come out clean as several others may also be faced with untold problems.

Abul Hasan Siddique

Sort out promotion issue in CBIC amicably

This is with reference to genuine grudge of not giving promotion to 2014 batch Promoted Asst Commissioners (JTS) to the rank of DC (STS) by Central Board of Indirect taxes & Customs even after putting more than 6 years of service. The most easy way out to rest this simmering discontent is to give them rank of DC (STS) as the post of DC in C.B.I.C is Non Functional Upgradation, does not entail any expenditure, creation of vacancy or transfers. CBIC has given rank of Additional Commissioners (NFSG) to 2011 batch, for which there is no vacancy requirement. Powers of AC & DC and that of J.C. & ADC are same. Chairman is requested to sort out this issue amicably, without any bias and discrimination, so that Govt. is not saddled with unwanted litigation where he and Revenue Secretary are also made respondents through Union of India.

Manoj Tekchandani

‘Inconvenient’ files often go missing  ?

The government officers come up with all kinds of excuses for not providing the information. It may be that the records are not traceable with no fixing of responsibility on anyone as if no one is responsible for maintaining the records. If a file is missing, there is little that anyone can do and there is no one who is held accountable. Can anything actually be done to improve the situation? It is a matter of common knowledge that the moment some file is inconvenient, it goes missing.



P C Hota’s passing away on Dec 31, 2020, is a great loss. I served under him as Joint Secretary while he was Secretary, DOP&T. He later became Chairperson , UPSC in 1996. He had been under acute depression for about  three  years. A rare IAS officer of 1962 batch. A highly regarded officer.

A K Saxena ( A former civil servant)

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