Rural Development dept issues use of Diplomatic / Official passport guidelines for officers (UPDATED)

The Department of Rural Development reiterating the MEA decision has stated that Diplomatic. and official passports when not in use for official visits may be kept in safe custody of the Administration wing of the Ministry/ Department. concerned and released only when needed for official visits.

The MEA has also conveyed that all expired Diplomatic/ official passports in safe custody of Administrative Wings may be returned to the individual officers where possible or returned to this Division/ RPO for cancellation under intimation to the official concerned

4 IVIEA have further conveyed that officials who have availed Diplomatic/ Official passports previously & proceeding on deputation to PSU Autonomous bodies/ Nationalized Bodies, etc. shall be directed tosurrender their Official /Diplomatic passports with their parent Ministry for safe keeping/ cancellation before proceeding on their deputation.



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