Ad-hoc upgradation will boost productivity

Dwarkadhish’s suggestion for ad-hoc upgradation of 2014 Promotee ACs to the STS grade of DC is very practical and will boost productivity of Board, as Chairman can focus his vision on increasing the Revenue instead of monitoring the CAT Court Cases. An order similar to Office Order No. 161/2020 dated 30/12/2020 may be issued and all Promotee ACs who have completed more than 6 years in service may be upgraded to STS grade of DC on ad hoc basis as has been done in case of direct recruit ACs of 2014, 2015 & 2016 batches. In earlier forum posts I have seen that their is an Honorable Supreme Court judgement to promote AC to DC, whether temporary, ad hoc or regular if an AC has completed 4 years of service. The image of the Board is getting dented day by day, by adopting biased and discriminatory attitude towards Promotee Officers & treating them shabbily. Yes it is high time PMO should intervene, to dispense justice, to Promotee ACs of 2014 batch who have completed 6 years of service, 2 years more than required for upgradation to DC and who have worked hard to implement the biggest tax reform ever undertaken in the world by our visionary Prime Minister.

D S Bansal

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