“Beta-Beti politics “will not work  in Modi regime

In the political circles people believe that “Beta-Beti politics” will not work in the BJP as long as Narendra Modi is in the helm of affairs.A set back for the ambitious parents  in the BJP.

Why Modi is not bothered ?

People are curious to know as to why PM Narendra Modi is calm and composed during all the period of farmers agitation. Infact, feedback to him from his agencies is that there is no reaction of farmers reforms in over 80 per cent parts of the country.

Best option: Farmers’ Laws

Three Acts are passed by Modi Govt for the “’benefit’  of farmers but the farmers are reluctant to accept them and are on war path. Thus, best would be to keep them in abeyance or suspended animation till wiser counsels prevail.

Lokpal gets 48 complaints against ‘Group A’ or ‘Group B’ officials

A total of 48 complaints against ‘Group A’ or ‘Group B’ officials were received by anti-corruption ombudsman Lokpal between April and December 2020.

Post of MD, NFDC becomes important after merger

Post of Managing Director, National Films Development Corporation (NFDC) has become important after the merger of film bodies such as Children’s Film Society, National Film Archives, Directorate of Film Festivals with NFDC.

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