Arts & Culture in Corona time

Artists, musicians, theatres, opera and museums in Europe have been worst hit by Corona induced lockdowns and are agitating for months now. The horror of new nationwide lockdown in several countries due to the new strain has only added to the frustration. UK, Italy, France, Germany and other European countries are aware of the problem. No TV channel in India has even mentioned the plight of artists in India. Is it because art and culture is just a “seasonal” vocation? WIC seems to be the only portal which has published twice this year news about “culture” ministry. Otherwise singers like the Bauls of Bengal are mentioned only if it yields political dividends. I happened to listen to their soulful songs in the 1990s at the Trade Fair theatre in Delhi, thanks to the Resident Commissioner. Why are such performances not being held anymore? The stress of lockdown could have been reduced to some extent if the useless, BP raising, cantankerous debates on TV were substituted by such music and other performing artists. Even DD is behaving miser in keeping its assets canned otherwise it has a treasure trove of world class products from Lucknow, Jalandhar and Bhopal. The Artists deserve their share in public service. India is a rich culture and its pool of artists is bewitching.M L Gupta

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